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Salman Khan Tells You How To Join His Team Of Being Human In This EXCLUSIVE Video


Salman Khan always has his plate full with work. Yet he is never too busy to let his charitable venture being human out of his mind. Recently, the bhai hit on an indigenous plan to make his venture grow. Instead of having film stars and well known celebs, the dabangg Khan has chosen some of the unsung heroes as inspiration to spread the word about his message.
Salman also shared information about how these inspirational youngsters were spreading the word. Salman cajoles people to look out for needy people and help them out. If that’s not possible, he even gives people the option to get in touch with a being human volunteer or simply deposit funds with the trust. He assures them of all transparency so that the donors are aware of how their money is made to use.
Indeed so much effort and that too straight from the heart is quite rare. But still Salman manages it with ease. Truly he is a man of gold, don’t you think so? Do let us know by commenting in the section below.


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