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Kareena Ties Black Thread To Baby Taimur To Stay Away From Evil ?


Taimur ali khan is proving to be an eye candy for everybody as this little prince patuadi is one of the most sought after kid not just on social media but even in real life. Shutterbugs stand for hours just to get a little glimpse of this little munchkin and now finally it seems they succeeded in getting him captured. But hang on, there is something unique about the recent picutres of taimur ali khan.

Despite his face not being completely visible, one can’t fail to notice the thread tied around taimur’s foot. Yess, we just got our hands on these pictures of Taimur enjoying a swing in his balcony and happened to notice a black thread around both his ankles. Seems like kareena wants to keep away the buri nazar( negativity) from the adorable prince.

It’s similar to how some prefer applying a kala tika (black dot). Many take up to this superstitious belief to ward off the evil But it’s quite interesting to see Kareena having faith in something like buri nazar. Well well well now’s that like a perfect wary mother. So how do you find these new pictures of taimur ?? share your views in the comment section below..


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