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Salman’s Nephew Ahil Goes In Cute Denims


Time flies and how! Just a couple of months ago, Salman Khan along with the entire Khan clan and close friends had rung in nephew Ahil’s first birthday and now the little munchkin is already standing on his feet and walking! Indeed he seems to be following his mamujaan’s footsteps when it comes to style.

Recently, proud mom Arpita posted a pic of Ahil taking baby steps while holding someone’s hand. My my! Dressed in a white shirt and classy pants, Ahil seemed to be exuding an aura of style and superiority. We wonder if it’s the mamu effect working on him or has he realized that he too is a star in the making? who wouldn’t be! Arpita is never shy of sharing pics of her bundle of joy and Salman too regularly shares random posts of his dear bhanja.

The mama-bhanja share a very strong bond and Ahil seems to have the ability to make Salman dance to his tunes. Indeed, he seems to be one lucky champ! Don’t you think so? Do let us know by commenting in the section below.


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