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Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar’s Battle Of Saragarhi Shelved ?


Movie buffs were thrilled on hearing the news of Salman Khan and Karan Johar collaborating to make a film with Akshay Kumar based on the battle of Saragarhi. But it seems that seeing the lukewarm response of Tubelight, Salman Khan is no longer interested in making a war based film.

Yet others believe that Salman does not want to give competition to good friend Ajay Devgn, who is also making a film on the same subject. But wait! that’s not all, the rumor mills also claim that as the collaboration of this film was done by Salman Khan’s former manager Reshma Shetty and now that she is no longer present, Salman is not keen to take this deal between Dharma Productions and SKF further.

Fed up with the rumors cropping up each day, Salman Khan finally cleared the air with his Tweet stating, “Don’t follow rumors . follow me . ek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh phir…… vry much doing film with @akshaykumar” well, the truth has finally triumphed and it has indeed made our day! What about yours? Let us know by commenting in the section below.



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